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Things you need to know before removing your Wisdom Teeth

January 18th,2018

Wisdom Teeth – What are they?

Wisdom Teeth are the final and pre-final set of molars that are present during the end of adolescence and during early adulthood. While in some cases they are perfectly aligned, in most scenarios they are unerupted, partially erupted, or misaligned, due to which they are removed. Read More…

Everything you need to know about Toothache

January 16th,2018

Toothache is a generic ailment and can be caused by a multitude of factors like Tooth Decay, Tooth fracture, Gums that are infected and even a damaged dental filling.Let us get to know what are the most common causes of a Toothache and how to detect them- Read More…

Preventing Crooked Teeth: 5 facts you need to know

January 4th,2018

The symmetry of your teeth goes a long way in bringing the aesthetics back to your mouth. Growing up with a crooked teeth might take a hit on a kid’s confidence while growing up. It is important to let go of few stuff and adopting habits in order for a hale and healthy tooth. Here we go: Read More…

Is candy the real enemy

December 30th,2017

What most Candies do to your tooth?

Candies are omnipresent. They are shared all over the world for celebrating happy occasions and events. Be it, Candy crush the game or the Diary milk that our crush gifts us, the thought of Candies makes us euphoric. But unfortunately, Candies hardly provides no nutritional value and in addition to laying down the carpet for a host of lifestyle diseases, they are also responsible for tooth decay and gum disease if consumed in excess. Chocolates are rich in refined sugar and plays an incubator for those germs. Those leftover food substances just proliferate the bacteria which in turn results in the release of acid and damages the area. Read More…

Train your brain for a better oral hygiene

December 27th,2017

Habits maketh a man. And when it comes to taking care of your oral hygiene, it is vital that you train your brain to follow a routine to not only avoid dental problems but also to have a smile that lightens people around you. There are a host of problems that are associated with unhygienic tooth and all of these could be prevented if you adopt simple steps in your daily routine. The complications arising from unhealthy tooth are as follows- Read More…

Top deep cleaning Treatments for Gum Disease

December 23rd,2017

Gum disease is a state in which the connective tissue or bone gradually deteriorates in condition. A myriad of treatments are available for gum disease and based on the options in the table, there are surgical cures as well as non-surgical ones. These help in bacterial growth control, getting rid of the plaques that cover those precious teeth and bring the glory of your smile back. Here are remedies and deep cleaning treatments that are popular with the masses. Read More…

How Crucial Dental Implants Are

December 20th,2017

What are Dental implants?

These are titanium based screws that serve as a way to replace the teeth. They are integrated into the jawbone like a root. They play a vital role in strengthening the bone and prevent the neighbouring areas from getting affected. A crown is attached in top of the screw that plays similar roles as that of a gum tissue. Dental implants are the most popular way to replace tooth as they are more aesthetic and stimulates the bone underneath. Read More…

Wearing Braces

December 17th,2017

Wearing braces can be a big decision and there is definitely not an age limit for wearing it. Braces are done for a medley of purposes and the choice of wearing them also depends on how healthy your gums are, as it is risky to wear them when you have gum disease or bone loss. Contrary to the popular opinion, braces are used for purposes other than just straightening like bringing symmetry to the parts in your mouth, helping to bring back aesthetics to your mouth and bring that glow back to your face. Braces might hurt initially but usually the situation returns to normal. Also, these days the aesthetics have increased manifold and braces have become the new trend among the millenials Read More…

Coffee is good for the gums?

October 26th,2017

dental-mugMany of us love coffee. But did you know that drinking coffee can protect you from gum disease? Yes, researchers at Boston University, US, have found that those who drank coffee were protected against gum disease. Well, what’s the connection? Coffee contains antioxidants, and antioxidants fight gum disease. It’s as simple as that. However, this research has quite a long way to go, according to the researchers.
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4 Myths about Baby Teeth

October 26th,2017
Baby Teeth

Baby Teeth

All of us are concerned about our children’s health. But how many of us pay attention to our children’s oral health (teeth). Not many is the answer. Lot of misconceptions passed on over the ages is one of the reasons. Though there is accessibility to all the information we want these days to know about our teeth is easily available, we do not want to accept the facts.
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