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What causes Protruding Teeth?

July 25th,2018

Have you seen the Bollywood movie “Taare Zameen Par”?

The toothy smile delivered by Darsheel Safary (Ishaan) brings him close to the audience heart and shed their tears down. Few people think that his bucked teeth give him a pleasing appearance.

Do you know the boy (youngster by now) had undergone orthodontic treatments to correct his protruding teeth a few years ago?
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5 common factors that crook your teeth (Malocclusion)

July 16th,2018

Crowded teeth is one of the factors which deteriorates the smile beauty of a person. Many people possess at least one or two teeth misaligned from the dentition. We hope that you may see persons with such teeth in your life. Right?

Unlike stained teeth, crooked or crowded teeth do not affect your smile aesthetics. It makes the teeth prone to serious dental diseases like Gingivitis, tooth decay, etc. As the teeth are crowded, you cannot clean them effectively like straight dentition.
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Important things you need to know about Dentures

May 29th,2018

Due to physical injuries, many people lose one or more teeth. Similarly, tooth extraction process is also done by Dental Health Professionals to prevent various dental diseases. Replacing such extracted, missing or lost tooth is essential to maintain a contact with the arch. Otherwise, it the empty space leads to various problems like losing adjacent teeth, mobility, gum diseases, etc.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Invisalign

April 23rd,2018

People with crooked and crowded teeth feel embarrassing due to the impact left over by the misaligned teeth. Besides lacking the facial appearance, teeth misalignment provides a way to poor oral hygiene which in result affect our dental health.

Both metallic braces and Invisalign aligners help you to straight the misaligned teeth, move the position of the crooked teeth to retain your beautiful smile.
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Myths about wearing braces explained

January 20th,2018

Getting braces might seem like a decision that may be daunting for quite few. But fret not, Braces can be used for people of all ages. While the teeth does feel a bit loose initially, you will most likely get used to it. While there are very negligible changes in the tooth shape and length, these are invisible to the naked eye.

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