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5 common factors that crook your teeth (Malocclusion)

July 16th,2018

Crowded teeth is one of the factors which deteriorates the smile beauty of a person. Many people possess at least one or two teeth misaligned from the dentition. We hope that you may see persons with such teeth in your life. Right?

Unlike stained teeth, crooked or crowded teeth do not affect your smile aesthetics. It makes the teeth prone to serious dental diseases like Gingivitis, tooth decay, etc. As the teeth are crowded, you cannot clean them effectively like straight dentition.

Dental health Professionals have mentioned various causes behind crooked teeth. We have listed common things which you have seen or experienced.

Crooked teeth causing factors

In general, the jaw development and facial muscle development of a person complete by the age 7. Genetic disorders, poor habits and other health issues obstruct the development which results in disordered dentition.

1. Improper Jaw Development

What would happen if any of your developed teeth did not get space in your arch? It will bend and crowded with the adjacent teeth to stand in the available space it has. This results in crowding of teeth in your dentition.

The jaw bones and cranial bones need to develop completely. It will provide sufficient room for all teeth in your dentition.

Food items we intake are the base reason for narrow jaw development. In ancient days, our forefathers consume highly fibrous foods which require them to chew vigorously. This helps them to widen the jaw bones and muscles. In contrast, we are eating soft food particles that do not need chewing to digest them.

Thus the jaw bones cannot efficient movement in their developing stage. It obstructs the process of widening the jaw bones in this stage.

2. Genetics

Similar to the habits you have, Genes are also playing an important role in crowded teeth. If your family members have a history of misaligned dentition, then you may also prone to malocclusion (misaligned or overlapped teeth).

3. Myofuncional Habits

Certain habits developed in the infant stage cause an adverse effect on the straight dental arch. They are known as myofunctional habits. They include:
• Thumb sucking
• Self-soothing
• Mouth breathing
• Using sippy cups to drink
• Bottle feeding
• Pressing the tongue upwards / against the palate

As the habits are common in the stage of facial growth, it hinders the development of facial muscles and jaw bones which ends in misalignment of teeth.

4. Nasal Airway Obstruction

Inhaling oxygen (Breathing) through our nose expands the upper jaw and add value to the jaw bone development.

If there is any blockage in the nasal passages, and others in the nasal cavity, the pressure in the nasal airway gets increased. It pushes the sufferer to inhale and exhale air through the mouth. It is mouth breathing which obstructs the widening of jaw mentioned earlier.

Following are some aspects which obstruct the nasal airway and fluctuates the breathing pattern:
• Deviated Septum
• Sinus Problems
• Swelling in adenoids and tonsils
• Allergies
• Swollen Turbinates

5. Dental Trauma

In case of losing a baby tooth due to dental diseases or injuries before the permanent teeth getting ready to erupt, they begin to locate in the gum lines. This kind of drift made by the permanent teeth to fill the spaces ends in other position on the gum lines and cause crooked teeth.

People having malocclusion encounter certain difficulties in chewing, swallowing food items. Similarly, those people cannot remove the stains and bacteria present in their teeth as they are overlapped. Utilizing metallic braces, retainers or Invisalign is the right way to realign the dentition and get rid of malocclusion.

Visit your Dentist or Orthodontist to get custom made aligners.

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