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What causes Protruding Teeth?

July 25th,2018

Have you seen the Bollywood movie “Taare Zameen Par”?

The toothy smile delivered by Darsheel Safary (Ishaan) brings him close to the audience heart and shed their tears down. Few people think that his bucked teeth give him a pleasing appearance.

Do you know the boy (youngster by now) had undergone orthodontic treatments to correct his protruding teeth a few years ago?

It shows whether a celebrity or a commoner, no one like to have buck tooth because it upsets their smile and appearance which makes them a teasing object to everyone. Do you agree?

Are you aware of the factors which bring such overbite (Buck Teeth)?. If your answer is no, please keep reading this post.

What causes buck teeth?

Dentists specify buck teeth as “Class 2 malocclusion” as the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth arises from the disarrangement of teeth or crowding. Dental health Specialists have mentioned that the dental issue is caused by certain factors which can be confined into 2 class as Genetics and Habits & Lifestyle changes.

The common overbite causing factors include:

1. Genetics

Similar to various genetically inherited problems like diabetes, malocclusion is also caused due to such birth defects. Likewise, certain habits like thumb sucking that are against the jaw development add fuel to the genetics and make the teeth protruding out from the mouth.

2. Problems with Jaw size

It occurs when there is an imbalance in the jaw development. Such issues in jaw development results in size contrast in upper and lower jaw. This leads the large-sized jaw protrudes to the other. It may occur in upper or lower jaw.

The problem arises due to genetics or injuries which deform or intrude the jaw development.

3. Large sized tooth

If a permanent tooth does not get enough space in your dentition while erupting, the actual size of the teeth cannot afford in the minimum space. This makes the tooth appears large in size and protrude from the mouth.

Small size jaw is the base reason for this issue because low sized jaw cannot give enough room for the erupting teeth. Teeth crowding and Wisdom teeth are also occurring due to reduced jaw size.

4. Tongue thrusting

Few people have the habit of pushing their tongue while swallowing food. It is known as tongue thrusting. If you push your tongue for a while, it applies force on the upper teeth which result in protruding the upper front teeth.

5. Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is a common habit in toddlers but it is abnormal to keep this habit after the age of 4 years. Similar to tongue thrusting, this habit also applies a constant force which interferes with the jaw development and hinders the permanent teeth eruption. This makes the teeth to develop at abnormal position which causes overbite.

6. Bruxism

Grinding your teeth while sleeping or due to stress applies drastic pressure on your teeth. Similarly, it causes strain in the facial muscles which affects the jaw movements. It leads to project the upper teeth from the mouth.

Dentists reveal that if a jaw overlaps more than 2mm than the other jaw, it is malocclusion. Buck teeth also come under this category. This is a common dental issue. Hence you need not to worry regarding this.

Consult your Dentist for Orthodontic treatments to get rid of consequences like bite problems, speech problems. Orthodontic appliances like Invisalign, Braces will help you to constrain your bucked teeth.

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