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Factors and Conditions linked to Tongue Discoloration

July 19th,2018

White patches or colored spots on the tongue is a common dental complication which occurs as a result of poor dental hygiene on our tongue.

Tongue is the muscular organ which begins at the end of our throat and extends to the outside of the mouth. It contains hair-like projections and a covering named “Papillae”. Papillae has minute grooves on the surface of the tongue.

What causes tongue discoloration?

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5 common factors that crook your teeth (Malocclusion)

July 16th,2018

Crowded teeth is one of the factors which deteriorates the smile beauty of a person. Many people possess at least one or two teeth misaligned from the dentition. We hope that you may see persons with such teeth in your life. Right?

Unlike stained teeth, crooked or crowded teeth do not affect your smile aesthetics. It makes the teeth prone to serious dental diseases like Gingivitis, tooth decay, etc. As the teeth are crowded, you cannot clean them effectively like straight dentition.
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Why are the oral piercings bad for your dental health?

July 3rd,2018

The teenagers and young adults nowadays like Piercings to express themselves. The stylish accessory in your body parts may add value to their appearance, but the piercings in your mouth will bring serious health hazards more than you think.

As people can get oral piercings in different styles like studs, barbells, rings, etc, they are interested to fix those in lips, cheeks, tongue and even the uvula.

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7 Reasons behind teeth sensitivity after fitting crowns

June 27th,2018

Whether your teeth are infected with dental decay, teeth stains, chipped or broken, a tooth crown is effective to bring back the lost strength and appearance of the infected tooth. Similarly, the tooth caps are essential to cover the hole drilled in a tooth for Root canal Treatment.

We hope that you may know the mentioned benefits of dental crowns. Similarly, you may know or experience the teeth sensitivity for few days after a crown is placed. Right?

In general, the treated tooth requires some time to adjust the crown (or cap). Until then, the tooth produces some discomforts. You need not worrying about it.
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5 advantages of Professional Teeth Cleaning

June 25th,2018

Many people feel ordeal or embarrass to get professional teeth cleaning. Similar to brushing and flossing, regular dental cleaning is also essential to keep our teeth clean.

Some minute particles get deposited on the end of our tooth or gum lines. The brush bristles or floss are not enough to exhaust them. Even if you brush twice a day and floss at regular intervals, it will remain neutral in case of eliminating those. Hence it is essential to get support from your dentist to extract them with a dental cleaning.
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All things you need to know about dental fillings

June 21st,2018

“Be kind to your Dentist. Even dentist have Fillings”

We hope that you got the thing in this quote. Yeah. The Dental health Professionals have dental fillings to fix the openings or holes in your tooth or teeth.

The acidic attack of oral bacteria on a tooth weakens its enamel and create a hole called cavities and then penetrates the inner part of the tooth. It results in tooth decay which induces severe pain in it.

Fillings, also known as cavity fillings are efficient to block further decay by filling the opening with composite materials. It also restores the natural appearance of the strength of a decayed tooth.
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Why do you floss your teeth daily?

June 18th,2018

“If a patient cannot clean his teeth, no dentist can clean them for him”
                                                                                                    – Martin H.Fischer

Did you hear this popular quote? It is absolutely true. Cleaning the plaque that deposited on the gum lines and stuck deeper at the end of a tooth is not an enjoyable experience. But most people visit a dentist for teeth cleaning.

Even though they brush their teeth twice a day, what is the need for dental cleaning? Why are they affected by Gum diseases?
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Decayed tooth – Symptoms, Treatments and Prevention tips you need to know

June 11th,2018

Tooth decay is one of the common dental problems and is a primary cause of tooth loss. Oral bacteria present in our mouth convert carbohydrates we consume via food into acid. The acid then combines with saliva and sticks on the surface of our teeth.

The sticky surface is called plaque. If it is not removed properly, it will become very tough and remineralize the outer surface (enamel) of our teeth. The plaque then develops to degrade the interior parts like dentin, pulp (where tooth nerves, blood vessels are present) and even cementum.
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Dental Care Tips on Handling Cracked or Broken Teeth

June 7th,2018

Enamel that covers our teeth is the hardest tissue of our human body. Though it is very tough, it is also prone to weaken or break. Few actions we embark or certain unexpected things like accident, injuring in the mouth break a tooth or teeth leaving an unattractive smile.

Besides dental injury, highly acidic foods we consume weaken the enamel and lead to break or crack a tooth while biting a hard substance or eatables like hard candy, ice creams, etc. Likewise, tooth caries also plays a dominant role in weakening our teeth and lead to tooth splitting or break.
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Important things you need to know about Dentures

May 29th,2018

Due to physical injuries, many people lose one or more teeth. Similarly, tooth extraction process is also done by Dental Health Professionals to prevent various dental diseases. Replacing such extracted, missing or lost tooth is essential to maintain a contact with the arch. Otherwise, it the empty space leads to various problems like losing adjacent teeth, mobility, gum diseases, etc.

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