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Is candy the real enemy

December 30th,2017

What most Candies do to your tooth?

Candies are omnipresent. They are shared all over the world for celebrating happy occasions and events. Be it, Candy crush the game or the Diary milk that our crush gifts us, the thought of Candies makes us euphoric. But unfortunately, Candies hardly provides no nutritional value and in addition to laying down the carpet for a host of lifestyle diseases, they are also responsible for tooth decay and gum disease if consumed in excess. Chocolates are rich in refined sugar and plays an incubator for those germs. Those leftover food substances just proliferate the bacteria which in turn results in the release of acid and damages the area.

What to eat and what to avoid?

Eating chocolates frequently would accentuate the process of Tooth Decay. If you feel tempted to really binge on candies, try to eat something which contains refined sugar. Also, there are a motley of candies that play a beneficial and a detrimental role in various degrees. Whilst dark chocolate and candy bars with nuts don’t do much damage, Sticky chocolates and gummy worms are adverse to your tooth. Milk Chocolate unlike milk itself contains unprocessed chocolate and usually contains excessive sugar that is not refined. Dark Chocolate on the other hand is beneficial and is known to be a cavity eliminator. These contain polyphenols that prevent the growth of Bacteria and prevent sugars from turning into acids.

Dark chocolate also contain antioxidants which prevent aging and help fight gum disease.

A growing epidemic among Children is that they seem to be drawn to Chocolate Ice Creams. Ice is to be used for the soothing and cooling effect and the roadside Ice Creams bring in the factor of hygiene too. It is crucial to check for the citrus content in your sweets if your teeth is sensitive. Drink a lot of water to neutralize the excess acidic content. Avoid Sticky chocolates and sweets at all points since they tend to stay in the mouth for a really long time. And the soda that goes with the food too should be minimized since they play a major role in damaging the enamel.


There is nothing wrong in eating candies and those delicious sweets once in awhile. It is even recommended that you eat specific varieties of chocolates to maintain your dental health. If you are having a gum disease, please consult with your orthodontist the diet you need to adopt. Also, it is vital that you know the contents before you put the sweet in your mouth. Tooth decay can be prevented by diluting the acidic content and flossing your teeth regularly. So, this holiday season feel free to consume a few candies but make sure you brush regularly and take good care of your teeth to prevent complications in future.

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