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Important things you need to know about Pregnancy Gingivitis

July 12th,2018

Are you a pregnant woman enjoying the pleasure moment of carrying a life in your womb?

Then this post is for you.

We hope that you are experiencing certain physical difficulties during this period. Similarly, you may notice reddish colour and inflammation in your gums. Sometimes, your gums bleed while you are brushing. Right?

It is called Gingivitis which is a kind of gum disease. Bacteria present beneath the gums is the reason behind this dental issue.

In contrast, what you had is pregnancy gingivitis which is common in pregnancy period. Around 60% of pregnant women have this dental issue. It actually occurs in the second trimester or when a woman is in between 8 weeks and 37 weeks pregnant.

What causes Pregnancy Gingivitis?

Pregnancy Gingivitis is not as same as normal gingivitis.

Along with oral bacteria, hormonal changes occurring inside the body when a woman gets pregnant are also responsible for gingivitis in pregnant women.

Progesterone is the hormone which is involved in the menstrual cycle and Pregnancy. This makes the oral health of a woman prone to oral bacteria. It is taken advantage by the bacteria present in the gums.

Does Pregnancy Gingivitis affect my baby?

The chances are high if it is left untreated.

Remember that both bacteria and hormonal changes are responsible for this dental issue. If you do not eliminate the bacteria in your mouth, they begin to breed and penetrate the gum tissues. It is followed by weakening the gums and lead to tooth loss.

When the number of bacteria gets inherited, it will release harmful toxins to the body. It will then mix with the bloodstream and enter the uterus where your baby is developing.

This will cause a negative impact in the baby outcome or affect the organs of your baby.

Researches show that women with chronic gum diseases like gingivitis have more chances of delivering a premature baby. Babies born before the menstrual cycle completes are light in weight and have issues in any organs.

How can I prevent Pregnancy Gingivitis?

Assure the cleanliness of your mouth by maintaining an efficient dental hygiene routine:
• Brush twice a day
Floss regularly
• Rinse well your mouth after every meal
• Maintain a Healthy Diet
• Use soft bristle toothbrush
• Don’t forget to clean your tongue

We kindly advise you to avoid sugary and sugar-filled foods during pregnancy. This is because sugar particles cause dental caries and deteriorate the gum issue.

It is important to visit your dentist often. The dental checkups and imaging help you to ensure your oral health. You can diagnose a serious dental issue if you have when the baby is in your womb.

This will help you to protect you and your unborn baby from serious health hazards.

Besides delivery, gum diseases are efficient to delay conception. Women who maintain a poor dental hygiene or affected with periodontal diseases have higher chances of fertility issues like Preterm Labour, Miscarriages.

This clearly shows that your oral health is directly associated with the baby sleeping in your womb.

Preserve your oral health and stay away from periodontal diseases and other dental diseases for the sake of your baby in the uterus.

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