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Why should you go to regular dental check ups?

March 12th,2018

Most of the people visit dentists only when they have pain in a tooth or affected by other dental problems. If you are one of the persons who make such kind of infrequent dental visits, then it is sure that you are neglecting the care of your oral health unwittingly.

Why do I have to check my dental health frequently?

Remember that few medications we intake our health will impact on our oral health. Some medicines are worth to cause dry mouth which leads to tooth decay and probably tooth loss. Hence it is mandatory for every adults and child to do regular dental health check up, at least once for every six months.

Besides this, there are many dental problems which require more time and expensive treatment to cure. It is easy to cure the serious dental diseases if you diagnose them is the initial stage. Do you agree?

Such diagnosis is possible only if you do frequent oral health check up.

Here our dentists have listed some dental diseases that left unchecked but required to be identified early.

  1. Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer is the deadliest disease that brings dead tissues anywhere in the mouth. Mostly persons with age more than 40 are affected by this disease.

It does not show any symptoms in the early stage of infection. But the infected persons can see or feel the symptoms like patches on the tongue, sore throat, pain in jaw and others which we thought that will heal within few days.

It is possible to cure and get complete recover from this disease if it is identified in the early stage. If you visit your dentist regularly to check your mouth, the chances are higher to catch the disease even you do not notice these signs and symptoms.

  1. Gum Diseases

Serious gum diseases like gum bleeding and gingivitis caused by bacteria in the mouth will lead to damage the gum tissues attached to the teeth, This will result in tooth loss.

In cases, teeth losses caused due to damage to gum tissues requires radical dental treatments. Otherwise, you can recover from the disease with simple dental treatments like deep cleaning of teeth and medications if the severity of the disease is low.

In order to identify the disease before its impact goes out of hand, it is to be diagnosed in the early stage. Regular dental check up is the only strategy we have to attain that.

  1. Oral diseases caused by bad habits

Regular dental health check up is essential for every drinkers and smokers because alcohol and nicotine are very powerful to affect the oral health and causes issues. Similarly,  bad habits like biting nails, chewing ice, brushing the teeth hardly, grinding teeth, eating hard sweets and so on also result in negative effect on our teeth.

We are doing these actions without the knowledge that these affect our oral health in an indirect manner.

Visiting a dentist for oral check up will help us to know the oral damage caused by these habits. This helps us to prevent further serious dental problems.


If you incorporate frequent dental check up as a part of your routine, you can get a cost effective solution and affordable replacement for extravagant treatments like tooth replacement, dental bridges, etc to save your teeth. Checking our oral health regularly helps us and the dentists to identify certain abnormalities even they are not unnoticed.

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