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Gum Disease

Important things you need to know about Pregnancy Gingivitis

July 12th,2018

Are you a pregnant woman enjoying the pleasure moment of carrying a life in your womb?

Then this post is for you.

We hope that you are experiencing certain physical difficulties during this period. Similarly, you may notice reddish colour and inflammation in your gums. Sometimes, your gums bleed while you are brushing. Right?

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9 Simple tips to keep your gums healthy and prevent Gum diseases

April 5th,2018

Gum disease is one of the dangerous dental risks which are not only prone to our gums. Along with gum tissues, it affects the root and bones that support the tooth. Such infections weaken the bone support of teeth and make the teeth loss. Dental Specialists reveal that gum diseases are also harmful to cause heart diseases and stroke.
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Teeth Sensitivity – Causes, Treatment and home remedies to get relief

March 19th,2018

Do you feel pain in a tooth when you drink tea or coffee, eating ice creams and while biting fruits? Are you feeling wincing in your tooth while brushing and flossing? Does your tooth pain while you breathing through your mouth?

If YES is the answer to any or all of these questions, then you may have the sensitive tooth. Your tooth needs a proper dental care.
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Receding Gums – Causes, Dangers and Treatments

January 24th,2018

Gum Recession is basically a loss of gum tissue due to a medley of reasons and exposure of the roots of the teeth. While it is a common problem for people above 40, it still occurs to people across all ages and is a gradual process. Here in this post, learn about how to detect them earlier and how to treat them before they get out of hand. Gum Recession forms gaps that accentuates the process of bacteria eating away the tissue. Read More…

Top deep cleaning Treatments for Gum Disease

December 23rd,2017

Gum disease is a state in which the connective tissue or bone gradually deteriorates in condition. A myriad of treatments are available for gum disease and based on the options in the table, there are surgical cures as well as non-surgical ones. These help in bacterial growth control, getting rid of the plaques that cover those precious teeth and bring the glory of your smile back. Here are remedies and deep cleaning treatments that are popular with the masses. Read More…