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Why are the oral piercings bad for your dental health?

July 3rd,2018

The teenagers and young adults nowadays like Piercings to express themselves. The stylish accessory in your body parts may add value to their appearance, but the piercings in your mouth will bring serious health hazards more than you think.

As people can get oral piercings in different styles like studs, barbells, rings, etc, they are interested to fix those in lips, cheeks, tongue and even the uvula.

If you have worn an oral piercing, then you may experience some inconvenience like difficulties in speaking, eating and chewing. It is because of the metal part you wore in your mouth interfere with the actions you are doing with your mouth.

Similarly, the piercing accessory you have worn will put your dental health at certain risk. They are explained in this blog post.

1. High infection

It is well known that our mouth is always in moist condition. Such moist environment makes the oral bacteria to breed in the mouth.

If you fix a jewelry or piercing accessory anywhere in your mouth, it is highly exposed to the humidity. Bacteria present in the mouth stick to the metal. Similarly, bacteria and germs take advantage of the wound or hole opened to fit the metal to get into the blood flow.

In such cases, you need to encounter various serious health diseases like endocarditis, an inflammation of the heart.

2. Nerve Damage

A pierced tongue gets numbed for few minutes after wearing the accessory. It is just a common thing, but the tongue gets numbed for a while after oral piercing. It is quite serious and requires a dental visit.

It is because the piercing process may damage the nerve cells present inside the tongue. Such damage in tongue nerves will cause swelling which blocks the airways and results in numbness in your tongue.

In tongue piercing, the chances are higher for damaging blood vessels which cause blood loss.

3. Bloodborne Diseases

Bloodborne diseases are caused when our blood and the body fluids secreted in our bod gets contaminated. As mentioned earlier, bacteria in our mouth use the oral piercing as a source to contaminate the blood and body fluids. It causes serious bloodborne diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, etc.

4. Periodontal Diseases

Gum Piercings damage the soft gum tissues. As the metal is lying between the gums, it delays the healing process. Bacteria in the mouth utilize the trauma to cause various issues related to the gums like gum recession, gingivitis and serious periodontal diseases.

Remember that a tooth loses its bone support in the jaw when the gums recede. It will lead to teeth loss.

5. Cracked Teeth

The ornamental metal placed in your mouth especially lips and tongue constantly comes into contact with the teeth. If the metal frequently rubs the teeth, the minerals present in the outer enamel wears away followed by weakening the teeth.

It causes cracked or chipped teeth. Similarly, the damage of dental appliances like cavity fillings is also possible with the oral piercings.

If you prefer wearing such accessories in your mouth, then follow the important things to protect your oral health:
• Rinse out your mouth with acid-free mouthwashes after every meal
• It is important to change your toothbrush every month.

Similarly, Visit your dentist when you feel discomfort or difficulties like pain, soreness in the piercing site. Schedule your dental visit immediately when there is a redness, green colored discharge abscess in the piercing site because these are the signs indicate that the oral piercing begins to cause dental health hazards.

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