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What to look for in a smile makeover

January 27th,2018

Smile makeover is increasingly being proliferated across the mainstream culture. Your smile is the first thing people look at and as the old adage goes, First impressions do matter. Smile makeover can be done by a medley of dental cosmetic procedures like veneers, Teeth Whitening, crowns and bridges. They are performed for a motley of reasons varying from pure cosmetic reasons to making your tooth symmetrical and remove signs of injury.

Here in this post, let us look into the common procedures in Smile makeover and what might suit you –

Teeth Whitening

A common procedure among the masses, Tooth whitening is used to modify the colour of your teeth without removing the surface. It is done when the colour of the teeth has been affected by consumption of food materials like tea, coffee, tobacco consumption and other sugar-rich items. Bleaching is the most common method for tooth whitening and there are two types of procedures undertaken. You can either opt to take the procedure at the dental office or at your home.

Dental Bonding

Here a composite substance mimicking the tooth enamel is bonded to the original teeth and polished. It is used predominantly to close gaps, repair broken teeth and change the shape of teeth. An alternate for Dental Bonding is Veneers which cover the entire teeth and is more of a permanent fixture. They are used mostly used to correct misaligned teeth and broken ones.

Dental Bridges

These are used to fill the gap between the tooth and is a time-tested procedure. This may be done either via a crown or an artificial teeth also known as pontics. This has immense aesthetic benefits and will bring back that glow to your smile. The technological advancements have made the bridges almost identical to natural teeth. Dental bridges are usually done for people who have one or more tooth missing. They also play a major role in increasing the efficiency to chew. There are 3 main types of Dental bridges namely Traditional bridges, Cantilever bridges and Maryland bonded bridges. It is absolutely essential that you meet up with with your dentist to know more about how this procedure is done specifically on your case.

Dental Implants

The good old implants are done for a multitude of reasons, mainly to avoid shifting the teeth in empty regions, to stimulate the jawbone and to avoid further dental complications. There are a variety of dental implants that are used based on the complications that occur.

Gum Lift

Gum Lift is done usually to mold the gum line. This is done to create uniform teeth and make the teeth look more aesthetic.

Clear Aligner Teeth

These are used to modify tooth and is an alternative for braces. These are recommended for mild and moderate crowding and are less effective than dental braces. These are more comfortable than regular braces though their effectiveness is questioned in some dentist circles.

It is crucial to refer to your dentist opinion before considering your options depending on what suits your needs.

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