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5 things that make you replace porcelain veneers

July 9th,2018

Veneers are a thin piece of dental appliance that is bonded on a tooth to restore the natural shape and appearance. Dental Health Professionals utilize veneers to treat stained, chipped and crooked teeth. As the dental veneers are very thin, it does not contrast a treated tooth from the adjacent teeth once the veneers are bonded on a tooth surface.

Similarly, veneers are useful in concealing the gaps between teeth and small misalignment. Hence you can redesign your misaligned teeth with just a single dental visit and need not to undergo years of orthodontic treatments.

Hence many people prefer this cosmetic dental treatment to enhance the teeth appearance and optimize their smile beauty.

Why do you want to replace your dental veneers?

Dental Veneers are highly durable. In general, veneers last up to 10 years. In case of exceptional maintenance, they can last for 15 years.

Remember that a veneer has surrounded your tooth. Factors which put our teeth at high risk of damage make the veneers prone to damage or break. In such cases, you need to embark porcelain veneer replacement.

Few common factors which push you to replace a bonded veneer on the surface of a tooth are as follows:

1. Tooth Decay under veneers

Remember that a veneer covers your teeth but not protects your teeth.

Hence it is possible that the natural tooth structure around the veneers is affected by caries, plaque built up, etc. When a veneer fitted tooth is decayed due to dental caries, it is crucial to replace the lumineer.

The Dentist cleans dental caries and bonded a new veneer on the treated tooth surface.

2. Crack or Damage in veneers

Unexpected things like accidents, sports injury and other facial injuries make the dental lumineers vulnerable to damage. Similarly, when you bite or chew any hard substances with the tooth, it will result in the veneer damage.

If the damage is minor, it can be repaired by bonding a tooth-colored material on the cracked veneer.

3. Loose Veneer

The bonding material used to cement the veneer on your tooth surface become weak or get loosen over a period of time. In such cases, veneer replacement is essential. Otherwise, the chances are higher for the bacterial infection and plaque deposition on the tooth beneath the veneers.

4. Dental Stains

Porcelain Veneers cannot get stained like our natural teeth. When the neighborhood teeth of the veneer fitted tooth become dull or stained, it differentiates the treated tooth. This will affect your smile aesthetics. Then you need to replace the existing veneer with new veneer customized as similar to the adjacent teeth color.

5. Improper fitting of veneers

You need to encounter various difficulties if there is a poor workmanship in cementing dental veneers.
When the veneers are not properly sized or larger than the tooth to be fitted, then the lumineer is slightly placed on the gums. It will lead to over a period of time. Similarly, the chances of bacterial attacks and cavity are higher if the veneer is not cemented properly.

If you want to restore your smile aesthetics affected by stained, cracked or broken teeth with veneers, get help from a well experienced cosmetic dental specialist. Maintain an effective dental hygiene routine and avoid using your teeth as a tool to bite or open hard objects to protect and extend the lifetime of the veneers.

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