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9 Simple tips to keep your gums healthy and prevent Gum diseases

April 5th,2018

Gum disease is one of the dangerous dental risks which are not only prone to our gums. Along with gum tissues, it affects the root and bones that support the tooth. Such infections weaken the bone support of teeth and make the teeth loss. Dental Specialists reveal that gum diseases are also harmful to cause heart diseases and stroke.

Food particles which are not properly removed mix with saliva and produce a sticky substance in our mouth. It is called Plaque. Such plaques are the main behind certain gum diseases. Bacteria present in the plaques begin to lodge beneath the gum lines and produce harmful toxins which are responsible for gum recession.

As the bacteria stays underneath the gums, they are not visible and it is quite difficult to clean it. Thus the bacteria and toxins produced by them continuously progress and lead to Gingivitis – the initial stage of gum diseases. If it is not treated properly, it causes Periodontitis – advanced cousin of Gingivitis. Otherwise, it is termed as the serious stage of gum diseases.

It is clear that infections in the gum lines are prone to our overall health. Besides looking for dental treatments to cure gum diseases, we need to look for prevention measures to keep our oral health stay far away from such gum infections.

In this post, we have enlisted 9 easy and efficient tips to prevent periodontal diseases. Let us see.

1. Brush at the Gumline

Gumline is the place where the bacteria from plaque begins to infect. If we properly clean our gums, we can eliminate such disease-causing bacteria.

Hence it is essential to brush at our gumlines.

If you brush your gum in the same way brushing your teeth, it will cause gum injuries. Placing the brush at 45 degrees on your teeth makes half of the toothbrush placed on the teeth and remaining on the gum line. Now gently brush the teeth and gum lines.

2. Keep hydrated and consume more vegetables

Water plays a crucial role in our oral health. Drinking plenty of water produce more saliva and increases the salivary flow that exhausts the bacteria and removes the food particles left in our mouth. Similarly, the water particles present in vegetables are good for the teeth and gums.

If you maintain and follow a hydrated diet that includes vegetables, the chances of infection on your gums and teeth are very less.

3. Chew Sugarless gums

Similar to water, chewing gums are also responsible for more production of saliva. Prefer chewing gums that contain no sugar.

As gums containing natural sweetener Xylitol are available, it provides sweet taste while chewing. The sweeteners made from plants also help you to maintain the pH level in our mouth.

4. Intake food particles that are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin D

Vitamin C does not cure gum diseases. But Vitamin C deficient persons are more prone to periodontal diseases. It will help us to prevent and control the gum diseases. The healing properties present in Vitamin C obstruct the development of gum diseases and prevent gum bleeding, receding gums, stabilize the loosen tooth, etc.

Researchers found that persons having a large amount of Vitamin D having lesser chances of gingivitis when compared to others.

5. Consume Green Tea

It is found that antioxidant compounds and polypenols are available in Green tea and Black Tea. Such compounds prevent plaques that are sticking to our teeth which cause gum infection.

Hence you can protect your gums from infection by drinking a cup of tea per day.

6. Rinse with Hydrogen Peroxide mixture

Mix Hydrogen Peroxide and Water at 1:1 ratio. Then rinse your mouth with the mixture for minimum 30 seconds. If you do this 3 times for a week, you will exhaust the bacteria present underneath the gums and in other areas of your mouth.

7. Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients have been applied for treating certain diseases since our ancestors’ period. As the natural ingredients are powerful to heal and cure oral injuries, it is better to take them for preventing gum diseases.

  • Cranberry guards our mouth by preventing the plaque buildup in our mouth and remove the bacteria that resides in the gums.
  • Hawthorn berry is effective to tight and strengthen the loosen root and tooth bones.
  • Applying Clove Oil will provide a relief to the pain caused by gum inflammation.
  • Golden Seal is being suggested by Dentists because it is effective to fight with gum disease-causing bacteria.
  • Aloe Vera has many bacteria resistant properties. It also helps to provide relief and prevent gum diseases.

Ingredients like Echinacea, Tea tree oil and Spearmint are also antibacterial which will prevent and control the gum infections.

8. Anti-microbial mouthwash

Rinsing out the mouth mouthwash is essential to keep our mouth clean and maintain the oral hygiene.

It is crucial to use a mouthwash that is anti-microbial and contains alcohol in a limited amount or alcohol-free. This is because alcohol inhales saliva and makes our mouth dry. This will lead to tooth decay.

9. Quit Smoking

Everyone knows that consuming tobacco is injurious to our health. Tobacco and smoking make our dental health prone to periodontal diseases because tobacco is efficient to weaken our gums which makes the gums to fight against bacteria.


If you incorporate these tips with your oral hygiene routine that includes brushing twice a day, flossing, scraping the tongue, it is sure that you will exhaust the harmful bacteria and germs in our mouth which affects the gum lines and causing periodontal diseases.

It is better to make  regular dental checkups to assure your gums are healthy and they do not have any infections.

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