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5 non-dental issues that cause pain in your teeth

May 25th,2018

In case of a toothache, your tooth is the source of pain. The pain may be caused due to infection or damage to the tooth nerves. It will produce pain inside or around the tooth. We know that various factors like cavities, Teeth sensitivity, Periodontal diseases, Enamel erosion, TMJ disorders and other dental health issues cause pain in the tooth as a warning signal.

In rare cases, dental treatments like dental implants and dentures will also produce a toothache if they are fitted properly.

Besides the oral health complications, tooth pain is caused by various health complications other than your dental health. In such cases, you will experience a pain in the tissue or bone of a tooth. It is hard to identify or diagnose such toothaches caused by non-dental issues but they are worse to affect the adjacent teeth.

In this post, we have explained various health issues which are not associated with dental health but produce pain in your teeth.

1. Heart Disease

If you already have minor complications in your heart, then toothache may be a warning symptom for your heart. It is common that heart diseases shrink the arteries to our heart. It reduces the level of oxygenated blood flowing to our heart muscles. This condition is termed as Angina Spectoris which causes a severe pain in the jaw.

It can be identified with severe tooth pain while you are doing a physically stressful job. Then you feel relief from that toothache when you take rest for few minutes.

2. Ear infection

Infection in the inner and outer layers of ears causes an extreme pain similar to a toothache. They travel through the nerve pathway and take advantage of the jaw to radiate an intense pain in the tooth.

3. Sinus Toothache

Sinus Toothache, otherwise known as Sinusitis usually appears in the upper molar teeth. Sinus infection is the base reason for this kind of the pain in teeth.

When we get cold, the fluid from the nose enters our mouth through the opening below the nose called maxillary sinus. When the maximum amount of fluid passes through the sinus, it applies more pressure and causes inflammation in the maxillary sinus. As the sinus is located near the root of the upper teeth, the inflammation in the sinus produces intense pain in the teeth. A dental visit is required to get rid of this pain.

4. Trigeminal Neuralgia

The trigeminal nerve is the largest sensory nerve in our head. Its branches are extended to the jaw, teeth and other parts in our oral region. If there is any change in the nerve, it causes a headache. As the nerves are interlinked to oral components, the pain in the head is triggered to other branches including teeth. Thus it radiates an intense pain in our teeth.

5. Neuropathic Pain

The disorder in our nervous system is the base reason behind a toothache caused by Neuropathic pain. Our nervous system is divided into two parts as Central nervous system and Peripheral nervous system. The peripheral nervous system is comprised of the nerves associated with the face, limbs and other parts of our body except brain and spinal cord as central nervous system is associated with them.

Any complication that occurs in the peripheral nervous system induces pain in the nerves associated with it. The nerves cause pain as a warning signal. Thus Tooth pain is caused by disorders in the nervous system.


It is important to consult your doctor if your dentist reveals a toothache is not related to any oral health issues. In such cases, a Dentist can find the root of the pain in the tooth by analyzing the patient’s medical history because our health at times uses the teeth to give warning symptoms to reveal certain disorders.

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