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Advantages and Disadvantages of Invisalign

April 23rd,2018

People with crooked and crowded teeth feel embarrassing due to the impact left over by the misaligned teeth. Besides lacking the facial appearance, teeth misalignment provides a way to poor oral hygiene which in result affect our dental health.

Both metallic braces and Invisalign aligners help you to straight the misaligned teeth, move the position of the crooked teeth to retain your beautiful smile.

Nowadays, most people especially adults and teen age people prefer Invisalign treatment for straightening their teeth. It functions like traditional braces but offers invisible brackets to move the misaligned teeth. This is the reason behind why people select this orthodontic treatment for teeth realignment.

Besides this, the clear aligners have many benefits which we do not get from metallic braces. Similarly, there are certain downsides of Invisalign.

If you like to know more about the Invisalign braces, read this post.

What is the process involved in creating invisible aligners?

Beginning with examining your smile and teeth structure, the Invisalign-trained doctors take the impressions of your teeth structure. Then a digital impression is created with which the orthodontists analyze the treatment duration, the appearance of your teeth at each stage.
Then the aligners are created based on the impressions.

Benefits of clear aligners

Similar to providing a clear and indistinguishable way to move the teeth, Invisalign helps us to get the following benefits:

1. Faster Recovery

As the invisaligns are customized as per our teeth structure, it empowers to move and reposition the teeth quickly when compared to dental braces. This empowers the invisible braces to straight misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, filling the space between the teeth, crowded teeth and others.

2. Minimum treatment duration

The complexity of your teeth misalignment determines how long you need to wear the braces. On an average, an adult can realign his/her teeth within 12 months through Invisalign while traditional braces require 2 years.

As the treatment period is less, you do not need to spend more time in the dentist chair by visiting your orthodontist frequently.

3. Eat food items you love

You can remove the aligners when you want. Hence you do not need to scare about the food particles stuck in the aligners. You can eat, drink all eatables after wearing down the invisible braces.

4. Get rid of Braces Breath

We cannot efficiently clean our teeth if we wear the metallic braces. Components like metal, archwire present in the braces obstruct the cleaning activities. This results in unpleasant smell caused by the braces.

But in contrast, clear aligners are easily removable. We can wear down the Invisalign while brushing.

5. More comfortable

The wires and brackets present in the metallic braces make the brace hard to wear. Similarly, they irritate the gums while pressing the teeth. You will not encounter such difficulties with Invisalign.

Disadvantages of Clear aligners

1. Speech issues in the initial stage

You may feel certain discomfort level while speaking for the first 3 -4 days after wearing Invisalign. It is because of the thin covering of plastic on your teeth. It is a common thing. You need not to worry regarding this.

2. Not apt for kids

Even though the Invisalign treatment is suitable to treat a diverse range of dental issues, it is not suitable for kids and younger teens. As mouth and jaw bones are developing in the childhood, Invisalign may limit the jaw development of children.

3. Cost

The cost of Invisalign is quite high when compared to regular braces. Few dentists and orthodontic specialists charge the amount as per the complications in designing the aligners and for the aesthetic benefits.

4. Weight loss

If you eat food or snacks without removing the invisible braces, the chances are high for damages in align, the food particles stick to the gum and the aligners. Hence you need not clean the aligners to remove the food particles.

Thus the Invisalign pushes to remove the braces to eat. Similarly, if you remove the Invisalign often it will not function properly and the treatment period expands more than your dentist schedule.

Hence it limits us from consuming snacks that we take in our free time. This can lose in weight.


If you get Invisalign, you should wear it for 20 – 22 hours for a day. Similarly, visit the dentist once for every 6 weeks for checkups. Even the clear aligners take the response to straighten your teeth, their success rates depend on your care on that.

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