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Burning Mouth Syndrome – Causes, Treatment and Home Remedies

May 5th,2018

Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) is a dental health complication which produces burning sensation in the mouth. It causes burning pain in the tip of the tongue, inside the cheeks, lips, gums or widespread areas of our mouth.

BMS does not cause any damage or physical modifications to the organs present in the mouth. The severity and longevity of burning pain vary for each person. Few people may feel the burning sensation in a frequent manner while others may feel it periodically. BMS last for years for some people.

Additional Symptoms

Apart from burning sensation, you will feel certain modifications and encounter various discomforts if you are suffering from BMS. Such supplementary signs and difficulties include:
• Dry mouth
• Unable to identify the taste
• Feeling sored, bitter or metallic taste in the mouth
• Numbness
• Feel little burning pain when you awake and the pain increases as the day progresses


It is hard to identify the root cause of BMS. Recent studies show that the variation of taste like warmth, cold, hot transmitted by our tongue to the brain causes pain and burning sensation in the mouth. This is termed as neuropathic pain.

Dental health specialists predict that the following factors may also cause burning pain in our mouth:
• Poor fitting of Dentures
• Allergic reactions caused by the materials used in dentures
• Xerostomia (Dry mouth)
• Lack of nutrients
• Gastroesophageal Reflux Diseases (GERD)
• Allergic reactions caused by food or toothpaste & mouthwashes
• Medications
• Habits like Overbrushing your tongue
• Consuming acidic drinks in an excessive manner
• Stress, Anxiety and other psychological factors

Women have higher chances of getting infected with this oral complication when compared to men. Hormone changes occurring in their body puts them at risk of burning mouth syndrome.

Different types of BMS

Based on the causes, BMS is classified as primary burning mouth syndrome and secondary burning mouth syndrome.

Primary burning mouth syndrome – If the burning pain is caused due to the damage in the taste sensory nerves or nerves malfunctioning, it is called as primary burning mouth syndrome.

Secondary burning mouth syndrome – This kind of BMS is caused because of the clinical abnormalities like poor denture fittings, medications and other complications that are listed in the previous section.


When you feel intense burning pain in your mouth, it is better to visit your dentist to get rid of this pain.

As the BMS causes are poorly understood, a dentist needs to diagnose the root cause with the help of medical tests like salivary measurements, gastric reflux tests, biopsies or other. A blood test is also required for some people if they are affected by disorders like diabetes.

If secondary burning mouth syndrome is the source of this health complication, the dentists will offer the appropriate treatments to reduce the severity of the pain. Some BMS treatment options include:
• Salivary replacement products
• Female hormone replacement
• Fixing the dentures properly
• Inject the right Anti-depressants
• Prescribe the right medications used for anxiety

Home Remedies

By slightly optimizing the food items & drinks you consume and changing the products you are utilizing to maintain oral hygiene, you can minimize the burning sensation at your home itself.
• Drink more water and fruit juices
Chew sugar-free gums. It helps you to produce more saliva.
• Prefer acid-free mouthwashes
• Limit the consumption of acidic foods
• Avoid spicy foods
• Quit smoking
• Temporarily halt or reduce the dose of medication
• Do things which refresh you in order to reduce stress
• Take crushed ice. Don’t bite the ice cubes with your teeth. It will lead to enamel erosion which in turn causes serious dental disorders.
• Temporarily halt or reduce the dose of medication


It is one of the rare dental diseases. As various health issues and psychological factors are related to issue, BMS may also be a warning sign shown by them. Hence it is better to visit your dentist to get the right dental advice for burning pain in your mouth. It will help you to safeguard your overall health along with your oral health.

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