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Teeth Sensitivity – Causes, Treatment and home remedies to get relief

March 19th,2018

Do you feel pain in a tooth when you drink tea or coffee, eating ice creams and while biting fruits? Are you feeling wincing in your tooth while brushing and flossing? Does your tooth pain while you breathing through your mouth?

If YES is the answer to any or all of these questions, then you may have the sensitive tooth. Your tooth needs a proper dental care.
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3 Ways to whiten your teeth at home

March 17th,2018

Many people conceal their teeth even while smiling because of the yellow appearance of their teeth. Such embarrassment resists most of us to give a beautiful smile to our dear ones. People would like to consume teeth whitening products because of their intent to make their teeth more whitish and brighter.

Instead of applying such chemical products, we can prefer techniques which whiten our teeth naturally. What are they? Let us see. Read More…

Why should you go to regular dental check ups?

March 12th,2018

Most of the people visit dentists only when they have pain in a tooth or affected by other dental problems. If you are one of the persons who make such kind of infrequent dental visits, then it is sure that you are neglecting the care of your oral health unwittingly.

Why do I have to check my dental health frequently?

Remember that few medications we intake our health will impact on our oral health. Some medicines are worth to cause dry mouth which leads to tooth decay and probably tooth loss. Hence it is mandatory for every adults and child to do regular dental health check up, at least once for every six months. Read More…

Get the best smile makeover from experts

March 3rd,2018

Your smile is the first thing people would notice about you. What better way than a smile that knocks the breath out of people around you? What is essential to remember is that your dental hygiene doesn’t necessarily make a better-looking smile. In this age and time, people are becoming increasingly conscious of how they portray them in public. Read More…

Dental Myths – Debunked

February 28th,2018

Myths. They are everywhere. Proliferating from the mouth, myths have also crept into the dental space. Myths arise from ignorance and here in this post, let us dispel the ignorance that people have about the dental sector by addressing some common concerns Read More…

How a decayed portion is restored in our tooth

February 27th,2018

Human tooth is one of the most amazing parts of our body. It is fragile, yet is used for a medley of purposes. What happens when a tooth decays?

Erosion of teeth may occur due to Coffee, Sugary drinks and others. Enamel covers the part of the teeth that are visible to the gums and plays a major role in protecting your teeth from your daily uses like chewing, biting and grinding. It also helps protect teeth from key risk factors like temperature and presence of toxins. Read More…

Danger signs of Tooth Abscess

February 26th,2018

A tooth abscess is a major issue that has been plaguing many people. It is one of the main issues affecting the dental area and there isn’t enough awareness to the general populace. So before venturing into the danger signs, what is a Dental abscess anyway?

Tooth abscess is a lump of pus near the teeth due to bacterial infection. It can occur due to a medley of reasons. Whilst the periapical abscess is present at the root tip, periodontal abscess occurs near the gum of the root tip. Read More…

Tips to know before your Dental Visit

February 22nd,2018

Dental visits have changed a lot over the time. What once used to consist of visits that were aimed at curing a particular ailment has morphed into a visit that helps you check potential threats to your mouth and have a dental hygiene that is unmatched. Dental cleanups make sure that you don’t develop any ailments and have a smile that makes a fabulous first impression. Read More…

Benefits of full mouth rehabilitation

February 21st,2018

Mouth is a wonderful organ but unfortunately, it falls prey to bacteria and a host of diseases. Your smile is the way to your heart and with Full mouth rehabilitation you could now restore teeth from erosion and undertake necessary procedures to bring back that old glory to your teeth.  A complete revamp of your mouth involving actions taken to taken to eradicate pain, restore your features, have healthier gums and a smile that is ought to knock the breath of your loved ones. Some people also undertake Rehabilitation for cosmetic reasons and to give a smile makeover. Your dentist would aid you with substances that make your tooth and in extension your mouth fresh and natural. Read More…

What to look for in a smile makeover

January 27th,2018

Smile makeover is increasingly being proliferated across the mainstream culture. Your smile is the first thing people look at and as the old adage goes, First impressions do matter. Smile makeover can be done by a medley of dental cosmetic procedures like veneers, Teeth Whitening, crowns and bridges. They are performed for a motley of reasons varying from pure cosmetic reasons to making your tooth symmetrical and remove signs of injury.

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