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Why do you floss your teeth daily?

June 18th,2018

“If a patient cannot clean his teeth, no dentist can clean them for him”
                                                                                                    – Martin H.Fischer

Did you hear this popular quote? It is absolutely true. Cleaning the plaque that deposited on the gum lines and stuck deeper at the end of a tooth is not an enjoyable experience. But most people visit a dentist for teeth cleaning.

Even though they brush their teeth twice a day, what is the need for dental cleaning? Why are they affected by Gum diseases?
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Decayed tooth – Symptoms, Treatments and Prevention tips you need to know

June 11th,2018

Tooth decay is one of the common dental problems and is a primary cause of tooth loss. Oral bacteria present in our mouth convert carbohydrates we consume via food into acid. The acid then combines with saliva and sticks on the surface of our teeth.

The sticky surface is called plaque. If it is not removed properly, it will become very tough and remineralize the outer surface (enamel) of our teeth. The plaque then develops to degrade the interior parts like dentin, pulp (where tooth nerves, blood vessels are present) and even cementum.
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Dental Care Tips on Handling Cracked or Broken Teeth

June 7th,2018

Enamel that covers our teeth is the hardest tissue of our human body. Though it is very tough, it is also prone to weaken or break. Few actions we embark or certain unexpected things like accident, injuring in the mouth break a tooth or teeth leaving an unattractive smile.

Besides dental injury, highly acidic foods we consume weaken the enamel and lead to break or crack a tooth while biting a hard substance or eatables like hard candy, ice creams, etc. Likewise, tooth caries also plays a dominant role in weakening our teeth and lead to tooth splitting or break.
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Important things you need to know about Dentures

May 29th,2018

Due to physical injuries, many people lose one or more teeth. Similarly, tooth extraction process is also done by Dental Health Professionals to prevent various dental diseases. Replacing such extracted, missing or lost tooth is essential to maintain a contact with the arch. Otherwise, it the empty space leads to various problems like losing adjacent teeth, mobility, gum diseases, etc.

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5 non-dental issues that cause pain in your teeth

May 25th,2018

In case of a toothache, your tooth is the source of pain. The pain may be caused due to infection or damage to the tooth nerves. It will produce pain inside or around the tooth. We know that various factors like cavities, Teeth sensitivity, Periodontal diseases, Enamel erosion, TMJ disorders and other dental health issues cause pain in the tooth as a warning signal.

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Why do we change our toothbrush frequently?

May 19th,2018

Toothbrushes play an important role in the regimen of our dental hygiene. Without toothbrush, it is very difficult to remove germs, debris and other plaque-causing agents present in our mouth. Dentists reveal that your toothbrush will become a source to infect your oral health if you do not replace your toothbrush for every 3 months.
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What will happen if you grind your teeth during sleep?

May 14th,2018

Bruxism is one of the common dental issues with which many kids and adults are affected. People suffering from bruxism grind or clench their teeth while they are sleeping or waking. Recent stats show that both men and women are affected by this oral health complication in an equal proportion.

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How to identify, cure and prevent Tooth Abscess?

May 10th,2018

Dental abscess is one of the dental issues which needs to be treated immediately. People who are suffering from mouth abscess have higher chances of various oral infections and even brain abscess.

Mouth Abscess occurs due to the deposition of pus in the internal areas of the tooth or other parts of our mouth. Oral bacteria are the main reason behind the built up of pus. The abscess can be formed anywhere in the mouth but teeth and gums are at higher risk of getting infected by the pocket of pus.
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Burning Mouth Syndrome – Causes, Treatment and Home Remedies

May 5th,2018

Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) is a dental health complication which produces burning sensation in the mouth. It causes burning pain in the tip of the tongue, inside the cheeks, lips, gums or widespread areas of our mouth.

BMS does not cause any damage or physical modifications to the organs present in the mouth. The severity and longevity of burning pain vary for each person. Few people may feel the burning sensation in a frequent manner while others may feel it periodically. BMS last for years for some people.
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Enlarged tongue – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

April 30th,2018

Some infants and adults have enlarged tongue which looks like extended from their mouth and appears swollen. It is termed as Macroglossia.

If our tongue does not a get sufficient space or room in our mouth, the tongue will not confine to the teeth. It extends to the vestibules between the teeth and the lips.
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